Thursday, November 09, 2006


You know, I never used to like salmon. Now I eat it almost as much as other fish. Maybe I had a first bad experience and continued to avoid it. But Chris cooks salmon really well and before I knew it, I was asking him to make it for dinner on a regular basis. (We've been on a seafood kick for a while now.)

I flaked into it before I took this pic. Consequently, I am also a fan of Yellowtail (the wine). The leftover from the other night was a perfect accompaniment to dinner.


Yvo said...

Mm, that looks yum- what kind of crust is that on the outside, or is that the skin? I seem to always find it skinless, so haven't cooked it with the skin in a long time. *drool*

Jeff said...

What type of Salmon is it?

nylisa said...

Definitely not wild salmon! I'd love to get my hands on some!