Thursday, November 02, 2006

I eat a lot less when I take time to make my food look pretty. I think it's because it takes a bit more effort, and doing so makes me slow down to enjoy eating it. (Normally I whip up a big pile o' food and scarf it down fast.)

Chris brought home a gigantic box of crackers the other day, (we're talking 3lbs), and I wanted to eat it. I love crunchy. We didn't have any cheese at home so I made tuna salad to accommodate. I had a weird craving for olives so I added that in along with red peppers, onions and scallions for garnish. Hey, at least my tuna fish is never boring. And this snack was Chris-approved, which was surprising because he doesn't even like olives!

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Yvo said...

Looks so pretty. I should try that, eat more slowly when I plate it pretty. Hehe.

And gasp, for shame! No cheese in the house? Haha just teasing.